Finance & Administration Services

Fame Group finance and administrative services includes financial support, procurement and contract administration, asset management and monitoring, budgeting, forecasting, data collation and reporting on all day-to-day financial activities of your organisation. We can provide a comprehensive view and management of the financial metrics surrounding your Association, business or not-for-profit organisation.

Services include:

  • Create and update spreadsheets of daily transactions
  • Manage accounts receivable and payable
  • Review and process reimbursements
  • Prepare budgets
  • Maintain reports on financial metrics, including investments, return on assets and growth rates
  • Keep records of invoices and tax payments
  • Manage company‚Äôs liabilities (e.g. insurance premium)
  • Identify and address account discrepancies
  • Participate in payroll processes
  • Report on financial projections (e.g. liquidity and cash flow)

Grants and Funding proposals

Fame Group can also assist with grant and funding application processes can that can be complex and time consuming. We can help you get it right. We can assist with  grant applications, evaluations and acquittals as well as with funding applications from various philanthropic organisations, local government and other funding bodies. We can tailor your funding applications to the particular funding bodies, making sure your budgets are accurate and realistic.