Conference Management

Are you in need of running a cost effective conference, but the thought of putting it all together is time consuming and not your core business?

Your staff may only require guidance on a few modules or a complete package. Here is our  cost effective  methodology  to ensure you achieve a memorable conference.

Conference Plan

First step is to find out what you require. Following is an outline of a range of  steps that would be  taken before a thorough conference plan is prepared for each client.


Draft budgets are prepared in the conference plan which includes venue, marketing, social, sponsorship and administration for the event. All budgets throughout the conference are  regularly monitored and reported.


A needs analysis is undertaken to choose a selection of venues for consideration. Costings are prepared for each location along with date availability, and this is submitted within the conference plan. Once the venue is chosen final negotiations on costs and timings are confirmed.


If your conference has need for sponsorship then we can prepare sponsorship proposals, compile target list, negotiate, contract and manage sponsors.


Identifying what program suits your industry is discussed in the initial conference planning phase. Once it is identified, draft programs are set up and a small program task force is formed to work on  the conference theme and information streams, speakers, the options to use call for papers if required and to confirm social activities. The management of the program includes all speakers’ negotiations and program logistics, audio visual along with the distribution of  conference papers for delegates which could be either hard copy or electronic and post conference delegate program evaluations.


Does your conference require a partner’s program or perhaps a conference dinner or opening or closing event? Consultation is undertaken to determine the social activities, venues, entertainment and costs which are then outlined in the conference plan for confirmation. Each social event is managed as part of the conference program.


Your conference may require an exhibition of suppliers. This can enhance some conferences while show casing sponsors. All exhibition services such as selling exhibition space, room set up including shell frames etc and the planning of the conference to highlight the exhibition is part of the service. The exhibition may only consist of sponsor companies or it may become an opportunity for an extra  conference revenue stream.


The main activity of any conference is achieving delegate registration and conference recognition. The marketing activities consist of the registration brochure either hard copy or electronic, conference website and booking portal, conference packs, signage, and if applicable use of social media to promote the conference. A full marketing strategy is submitted as part of the conference plan.

Conference Management

Once the conference plan has been approved, the management of the day to day issues for the conference is managed within the approved time lines and full comprehensive updates/reports are given to the client. On-site management for the execution of the conference can be either with the assistance of your company staff or if required external staff.

Following the conference, a debrief is held with the client covering all aspects of the conference. This will including full delegate conference evaluations, finances and databases.

It is your conference,  no matter how big or small assistance you require, we listen to what you need and we come up with a cost effective plan. Please talk to us.