Conference & Events

Conference Management

You need to run a cost effective conference, but your staff may only require guidance or you may need a complete or part package covering specialised activities such as – venue, sponsorship, speakers, program, social, exhibitions, marketing and administration for the event…read more


Are all your staff up to date with training? Do your members/stakeholders have up to date training on industry matters? Is there a need to run training courses, but you don’t have the resources…read more


Industry knowledge needs to be passed on through  a cost effective forum but you are not sure how to set it up…read more

Annual Functions

It is that time of the year again, and you need to run the annual dinner/function but you are time poor? Whether you require someone to facilitate or only assist with the event…read more

Award programs

Do we or don’t we run an award night? If so what is a cost effective way to tackle the event? Do you have time to business plan the event, seek sponsorship, prepare categories, and arrange marketing and judging panels, not to mention coordinating the gala event. If you have the in-house capabilities or only require assistance and guidance on some projects…read more