Office Management


We live with more and more paper even though we have computers! Strange how the computer has not really cut down on what we need to put in our paper files. We need to ensure we have up to date filing systems  both on the computers and for the hard files. Have you updated your systems?

Archive files are taking over the spare space. Staff are tied up with normal duties, and the office is starting to look like a building site, file boxes need to be archived, filing cabinets need to be sorted  and more space is required… but it is time consuming and you are short staffed and the time required is not your core priority.

Talk to us about how we can assist with an action plan including long and short term goals and the most cost effective way to handle this important task.

Systems and Processes

You have a job that is always done in the same way.The systems have been around for years, and you train each new staff member in the trusted old process. Are the systems  you are using still current? Do you have the time to assess the systems and processes you have in place?

Or, new staff have arrived  and you don’t have the documentation to assist them with their job… We can assist, by working with the staff, to come up with the best processes or just documenting what already works. You may even need someone to train the new staff as your team is already stretched.

Let us help you find the solution to stream lining your systems, processes and documentation .


Phones, meeting set up and hosting; everything is going on and staff are unavailable to assist either through leave or work load, and you need assistance.

Sometimes it all happens at once, and you just need to get some assistance, perhaps get a few systems in place and give some relief to existing staff to allow them to focus on major initiatives. If you find, you need a little day to day assistance then talk to us for an easy solution.